What is the Blue Vein Society in "The Wife of His Youth"?  

The Blue Vein Society is a group of people with skin light enough that you can see the blue of their veins beneath it. They are an elitist group that tries to elevate their own status through assimilation.

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Racial bias that stems from skin color is what created the Blue Vein Society. Black people with light enough skin that you can see the color of their veins beneath it are allowed to join; those who have darker skin are rejected. The main character of the story, Mr. Ryder, is a leader in the society. He places a lot of importance on the lightness of his skin and believes that the right thing to do is to produce children with lighter skin over time.

Mr. Ryder has to face his own beliefs and prejudices when the woman he married when he was young appears. She doesn't recognize him, and is only looking for help to find her husband. Though he doesn't reveal his identity at first, he is torn with doubts about what the right thing to do is. The woman he was married to originally is older than him and has very dark skin.

Acknowledging the woman and thereby preventing his marriage to a lighter-skinned woman goes against the beliefs espoused by the Blue Vein Society. He completely believes that the...

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