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Robert Frost

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What is the analysis of "An Unstamped Letter in Our Rural Letterbox"?

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In this poem, the speaker is a tramp who leaves a letter in the letterbox of the farmer whose land he used to sleep the night before. The speaker says that the watchdog barked all night, and that the scene around him was dark and oppressive, but that the heavens showed him a miraculous thing and gave him an epiphany, and he feels compelled to share it with the landowner by way of letter.

The speaker clearly does not think of himself as an important person, as part of his letter says explicitly that he is "just a tramp." However, his vision of two stars conjoining in the sky leads him to believe that our status does not matter, given that we have such a beautiful world to appreciate.

The poem is a celebration of nature and an encouragement to rethink one's prejudices against people of different classes. The tramp expresses a hope that the landowner saw the stars conjoining and appreciated the beautiful vision. All of it is to say that the tramp thought to write him this letter as an expression of the brotherhood of all men.

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