Ender's Game Questions and Answers
by Orson Scott Card

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What is strange about Ender’s first meeting with Mazer Rackham?

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The first encounter between Ender and Mazer Rackham is a strange one because it is, essentially, a violent one. Mazer met Ender when the boy was sent to the Command School on Eros, and Mazer was assigned as Ender’s mentor and teacher. One day, Mazer went to Ender’s room and waited for him to wake up, sitting calmly on the floor. When Ender woke up, he went near the old man and waited for him to say or do something. Mazer then grabbed his leg and subdued him. The most interesting part about their first meeting was the fact that Mazer did not speak to Ender until the very next day, when he attacked him again, telling him that he should never turn his back to an enemy. Mazer explains to Ender that he will be his teacher, but also his enemy, as he believes that the enemy is the best teacher. When he releases Ender, they fight each-other and Ender finally asks Mazer to introduce himself.

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