What is significant about Jane's time at Lowood?

Lowood Institution, although far from perfect, represents a series of “firsts” for Jane. At Lowood, she finds her first true friend in Helen Burns. She is supported and believed for the first time by Miss Temple. She encounters true loss for the first time. Finally, she relishes her education and discovers purpose and meaning in teaching.

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Jane Eyre's days at Lowood Institution are far from perfect, but they do provide her with a number of “firsts.” At Lowood, Jane finds her first real friend in Helen Burns, and Helen's beautiful optimism and Christian virtues brighten Jane's life. She has never been as close to anyone before as she is to Helen, who becomes an example of light and life for Jane. Helen is the first person who gives Jane the support and love she desperately craves.

Jane's teacher Miss Temple is another first for Jane, for she is the first authority figure that...

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