What is Raju's relationship with his mother in The Guide, and how does it change?

Raju's relationship with his mother is very tense. The two get into frequent arguments until eventually, Raju's mother leaves home in protest of the disgrace her son has brought upon the family.

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Raju's mother is a very traditional woman. One can only imagine, then, how deeply upset she is when her son is sent to prison for fraud. To make things worse in her eyes, Raju committed fraud in order to hold on to Rosie, a dancer whose husband has walked out on her.

Raju's mother likes Rosie, but not the scandal that she brings to her family. She's also not enamored of Raju's running the family business into the ground while he was messing around with Rosie.

As one can imagine, when Rosie moves in to live with Raju and his family, this inevitably sours the relationship between mother and son. Things get so bad that eventually, Raju's mother walks out of the family home, unable to bear the scandal any longer. She simply cannot accept that her son is living in sin with Rosie under her roof. It offends her most deeply-held beliefs.

The relationship between Raju and his mother deteriorates further when Raju is finally sent to prison for fraud. On the last day of the trial, Raju's mother turns up to court and proceeds to give her son a piece of her mind, telling him that he has brought great shame upon his family and that it would be better for everyone if he were dead.

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