What is Papi's girlfriend's name in "Fiesta, 1980"?

In "Fiesta 1980," a short story written by Junot Díaz, the narrator of the story, 12-year-old Yunior, talks about his father Papi's extramarital affair with a woman identified only as "the Puerto Rican woman."

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"Fiesta, 1980" is one of ten stories included in a collection of short stories entitled Drown, written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Junot Díaz and published in 1996. "Fiesta, 1980" was also included in the 1997 edition of The Best American Short Stories.

The narrator of “Fiesta, 1980” is 12-year-old Yunior, who was born in the Dominican Republic and has been living in the United States with his family for three years. The story takes place on the night that Yunior's family is going to the Bronx neighborhood of New York City to attend a party, a "fiesta," which is being thrown by Yunior’s aunt, Yrma.

Yunior's father, Ramón de las Casas, is called "Papi" (meaning "Daddy") in all of the stories in the book except in "Negocios," where he's referred to as "Ramon."

When Papi is first mentioned in the story, he's just returned home from "work," which...

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