What is one secret revealed about the deceased in So Long a Letter?

Several secrets are revealed about Modou in chapter four of So Long a Letter. One important thing that comes out is that the bank loan that paid for Modou's villa had both his and Ramatoulaye's name on it.

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In chapter four, Ramatoulaye tells Aissatou about a family meeting she attended. At the meeting, big secrets come out about Modou, mainly concerning his financial activities. One of the most important things that comes to light is that the nice villa Modou was living in was paid for by a bank loan that had both his and Ramatoulaye’s name on it, so part of the house technically belongs to Ramatoulaye. But she explains to Aissatou that Binetou and her mother believe the house is theirs, and they have started stripping furniture from the house. This suggests that they will continue to exploit Ramatoulaye even though Modou is dead.

Several other secrets also come out about Modou's finances. Ramatoulaye explains that he borrowed four million francs to do things for Binetou and her mother. For example, he paid for Binetou’s mother to visit Mecca, bought both of them cars, and paid Binetou a monthly allowance so she could leave school. Ramatoulaye is outraged upon learning all of this and feels taken advantage of. Her financial independence helped Modou live in the place that he lived and she was never allowed to reap the benefits of it. Now, even after he is gone, she is still constrained because of his actions.

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