I Heard the Owl Call My Name

by Margaret Craven

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What is one myth Jim told Mark in chapters 1–3 in I Heard the Owl Call My Name?

Expert Answers

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I can't seem to find any examples of Jim telling Mark about a myth in the first three chapters. However, Mark does recall a myth about the founding of the village told to him by his bishop. The bishop says that the village was founded in the wake of the great flood by two brothers, who were the last people left alive on earth. According to the myth, they heard a voice saying "Come, Wolf, lend them your skin that they may go fleetly and find themselves a home."

Wearing the wolf's skin the brothers moved south until they came to a small lonely valley on the river's edge, surrounded on all sides by tall mountains. Here they returned the skin to the wolf and threw a magic stone to decide which of the two brothers would build his village in this location.

Khawadelugha, the older brother, won the right to build his village. Ever since then, the dancers of the tribe move right as they dance, just as Khawadelugha did, and just as the wolf moved right. In commemoration of the wolf's role in founding the village Khawadelugha carved a wolf's head on his totem, which has been one of the tribe's crests ever since.

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