What Is Nestor's Opinion Of Odysseus

What is Nestor's opinion of Odysseus in The Odyssey?

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The first four chapters of the classic epic The Odyssey by Homer tell of Odysseus's son Telemachus and his search for his lost father. In Book 3, Telemachus, accompanied by the goddess Athena in disguise, come to Pylos to speak with King Nestor. When they arrive, a great ceremony at which thousands of people are offering sacrifices to Poseidon is in progress. Telemachus and Athena are invited to eat and drink, and then they converse with Nestor. Telemachus identifies himself and asks for news of his father, Odysseus.

Nestor tells Telemachus that for nine years they tried every sort of tactic to gain advantage against the Trojans and adds that Odysseus was the master strategist: "During all this time there was no one who could compare with your father in subtlety." Nestor also says that he and Odysseus got along well and never quarreled. "He and I never had any kind of difference from first to last neither in camp nor council."

However, Nestor is unable to offer any news about what happened...

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