What is Much Ado About Nothing about?

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This play is a romantic comedy, although it does have some moments that are more serious.

The basic plot of play is that four men have come to the house of Leonato, governor of Messina in Siciliy.  They are Don John, Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick.

Once they get there, Claudio falls in love Leonato's daughter Hero and she falls for him as well. They and her father agree that the two will marry.

While they wait for that, they amuse themselves by trying to convince Benedick and Beatrice (Leonato's niece) that they love each other, even though they really don't get along.

Don John is the bad guy and he makes Claudio think Hero has been cheating on him.  So their wedding is off but Benedick and Beatrice get married instead.

At the end, Hero and Claudio do get married and Don John is arrested.

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