What is Mr. Chawla's view on his mother?

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Indian author Kiran Desai’s 1998 award-winning novel, Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard, takes place in the village of Shahkot in the state of Punjab, India. This amusing tale was inspired by the true story of a man who for many years actually lived in a tree, represented in the novel by the character of Sampath Chawla. Sampath is the son of Mr. Chawla and his wife, Kulfi, who live with Mr. Chawla’s mother, Amma (Ammaji).

Your question about how Mr. Chawla views his mother requires a look at his own personality.

In Chapter 1, we learn that Mr. Chawla is a practical fellow who, in spite of “his young age and slight build” has a “powerful claim to authority.” The fact that the author refers to him as “Mr. Chawla” and not by his first name gives the reader the sense that he is a serious person with the airs of a man older than his years.

As an expectant father, Mr. Chawla studies facts about babies in the library, makes sure that he has collected the appropriate vitamins,...

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