I Heard the Owl Call My Name

by Margaret Craven

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What is mentioned of Gordon and how is he described in the novel?

Expert Answers

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Gordon is a young man who lives in the village. He is attracted to the fast pace of the big cities. He feels at home when he leaves the village to go to school, and it is clear to everyone that he will not return for any length of time.

Gordon is engaged to Keetah, a girl who lives in the same village, but their relationship is doomed. As Jim, another villager, puts it,

Gordon is Che-kwa-la which means fast moving water, and Keetah is the pool.

Keetah misses her village when she has to leave for school. Gordon and Keetah move to the city, but Keetah returns when she becomes pregnant. She does not tell Gordon about his child. This way she can keep a part of Gordon with her, but he can still leave the village. She and Jim make plans to marry, and Jim is glad to take Gordon and Keetah's child as his own.

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