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What is meant by mobilization of the law, and why are political scientists interested in this phenomenon?

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Mobilization of the law, or legal mobilization, is the assertion of human rights by those who seek to influence policy or laws through legal action.

Instead of seeking restoration for any particular individual through legal means, legal mobilization seeks to redefine laws or to create new laws which protect the human rights of a group. Legal mobilization is often closely connected to social movements as those who are concerned with the unequal distribution of power become actively involved in seeking solutions to correct injurious situations.

Legal mobilization interests political scientists because of its influence on public policy. As a public becomes increasingly concerned over particular social issues, their collective interest can influence which cases are heard by courts and therefore how laws are interpreted and implemented. By studying the ways laws and policies shift in response to public concerns, political scientists can also predict future areas of legal concern. They can also further examine the ways legal practices are not fully enforced and the way a collective social consciousness impacts various areas of legal fields, from criminal law to business regulations.

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