What is Martin's view of the publishing world, and what impact does this have on him in Martin Eden?

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As with any struggling author, Martin Eden is none too fond of the publishing world. He sees it as dominated by ignorance, snobbery, and a contemptuous attitude towards authors. To a working-class writer like Martin, it's a constant source of vexation that the industry is dominated by a bourgeois elite, which looks down on people like himself, not taking them seriously as writers.

The effect of all this is to make Martin thoroughly disillusioned with the publishing industry. To an arch individualist like him, deeply in thrall as he is to the ideas of Nietzsche, publishing firms are the epitome of the collective herd-like spirit of modern democracy that crushes the creative individual beneath the weight of mediocrity.

Nevertheless, Martin's soul-destroying experiences in dealing with publishers simply make him all the more determined to succeed as a writer. He's firmly committed to showing the effete snobs who monopolize the senior positions in publishing companies that he can be a great writer, however many setbacks or rejection slips he may receive.

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