What is Margaret's character description?

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Margaret, a twelve-year-old girl, is concerned with both her physical and her spiritual development. She and her girlfriends obsess about getting their first periods and about their interest in boys. Margaret wants to fit in, so she goes sometimes along with their interests even when she is not enthusiastic about them, and she often defers to what she perceives as Nancy’s leadership role. Margaret generally has a good relationship with her parents, however, so she has a solid support system. Because she is in a new school, the social aspects of her life take on a dominant role. Nevertheless, she is keenly aware of conflicts within her family that have to do with religion. Her Christian grandparents have never approved of their daughter marrying a Jewish man, and their narrow-mindedness prompts Margaret’s exploration of different faiths. Margaret has a curious and somewhat skeptical personality, so she is committed to learning for herself and making her own choices about religion.

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