What is the main feature of civilization?

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There are many features of a civilization, but the most important characteristic is a surplus of agricultural goods.  The surplus of goods creates all of the other characteristics of civilization.  Having agricultural goods to trade creates wealth. The creation of wealth ultimately creates a social class system, which is characteristic of civilization.  Another aspect of civilization is the specialization of jobs.  When people move towards farming and away from hunting and gathering, it does not require as many people to be worried about food production.  This allows certain individuals to learn different trades and to become craftsman or merchants.  Some people may become involved in the government bureaucracy or become scribes.  Writing is another characteristic of civilization that is developed to record surpluses.  By specializing in jobs, technologies, another characteristic of civilization, are developed and improved. Even organized religion is developed as a result of surplus agriculture.  For all of these reasons, a surplus of agricultural goods is the main feature of civilization.  

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