What is Jim's role in the last act of All My Sons?

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Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons is the story of the Keller family, which is comprised of the parents—Joe and Kate—and their two sons Chris and Larry. The play is set immediately post-World War II, and Larry has died in the war. Dr. Jim Bayliss is a friend of the Keller family.

During the war, Joe shipped engine parts that he knew were defective. The play, which is a drama, revolves around Joe’s growing realization that his actions contributed to the death of his own son—who essentially killed himself during a mission—and many other young soldiers. Joe eventually realizes that these boys were “all my sons.”

Jim's role in the last act of All My Sons is to serve as a foil to help advance the plot and let the audience understand what Kate is thinking. He also serves as an ethical voice of wisdom and honesty in the scene.

During the dialog between Kate (Mother) and Jim, Mother tells Jim that her son Chris “had an argument with Joe. Then he got in the car and drove away.”


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