What is Jim Hall's connection to Judge Scott in White Fang?

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Jim Hall is a dangerous convict who was sent to prison by Judge Scott.

Unfortunately, Hall's just escaped from San Quentin and is hell-bent on seeking revenge on the man who sent him down. But this vengeful desperado didn't reckon on coming across such a fiercely loyal—and loyally fierce—dog as White Fang. There's no way in a million years that this mutt is going to allow any harm to come to his master, as Hall later discovers.

When Hall shows up at the Scott residence, he sneaks up on the porch, ready to kill anyone who gets in his way. Thankfully, the ever-vigilant White Fang is keeping watch, and when he sees the cunning criminal, he immediately leaps into action and attacks him viciously. Hall attempts to fight back by shooting at the courageous hound, but although he manages to hit White Fang, it's not enough to stop the dog from killing him.

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