Through the Tunnel Questions and Answers
by Doris Lessing

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What is Jerry and his mom's class background in "Through the Tunnel"?

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Readers are not expressly told what social class Jerry and his mom belong to, so readers are going to have to infer this answer. I think it is safe to assume that they belong to a middle class or higher. Jerry's family obviously has enough money to vacation to another country for more than a day or two. On top of that, their vacation is a beach vacation, and that location alone will drive up the cost of the trip. I believe readers could go farther and say that Jerry's family is probably quite wealthy. Jerry demands the goggles in a way that suggests he is used to getting material possessions when he demands them. His expectations are met with quick results as well. His mom buys the goggles soon after Jerry starts his pestering, and she never once questions the associated cost.

Finally, their vacation doesn't seem to have a specific end date. They appear to be on location until it suits them to leave. The mother's comment about having to go home is quite casual. It seems that she has grown tired of the vacation and has decided that they will go home in the next few days.

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