J. B. Questions and Answers
by Archibald MacLeish

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What is J. B.’s wife’s line at the end of the play?

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At the end of the play J. B. by Archibald MacLeish, J. B.'s wife says:

Sarah: I loved you. / I couldn't help you any more. / You wanted justice and there was none— / Only love.

What Sarah is saying is central to the themes of the play. While she says this, she is sitting on the doorstep of their ruined house. She holds a forsythia branch that is in bloom. The last time we saw Sarah, she had despaired of life; after all the tragedies that her family suffered, she had left J. B. and was heading for the river to drown herself. But along the way she saw this blooming branch of flowers, and she found hope in it. She has returned to J. B., and she is helping him to settle a...

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