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What is Italian neorealism? How could a filmmaker develop a film on the basis of Italian neorealism?

Italian neorealism is a type of film genre that developed right after World War II. Filmmakers employed Italian neorealism to accurately represent the harrowing hardships and struggles that everyday Italians had to endure. As there are plenty of hardships and struggles going around right now, a filmmaker wouldn't have a tough time bringing Italian neorealism into the present. Perhaps a filmmaker could develop a film set within the COVID-19 outbreak or the ongoing War on Terror.

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After World War II, Italian filmmakers sought to capture the damage and suffering of everyday Italian people. They aimed to depict real lives and the hardships of people trying to piece their existence back together after a devastating, unprecedented war.

One of the most acclaimed and renowned examples of this kind of filmmaking is Vittorio De Sica's Bicycle Thieves. The story focuses on a poor man whose bicycle is stolen just as he's about to begin his new job. The man,...

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