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What is Italian neorealism? How can the concepts of Italian neorealism be used to create contemporary films?

Italian neorealism is a film movement that developed at the end of World War II. Italian filmmakers began capturing the social conditions and struggles of the world around them. They often left the studio and captured working-class people in their everyday environment. For example, Federico Fellini and Roberto Rossellini were Italian neorealists. Filmmakers today could develop a film on the basis of this movement by focusing on themes of socioeconomic struggle and depicting common people in unstaged environments.

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Italian neorealism is a film movement that arose in around the end of World War II and the resultant end of Benito Mussolini’s rule in Italy. Under Mussolini, the Italian economy fell into disarray, and the Italian film industry was not exempt. Many filmmakers lost resources and access to their studios. Many were also inspired by the social turmoil of this time and wanted to portray it through their craft.

The struggles of the World War II era...

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