What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing refers to any type of advertisement that is done over the internet. This can take the form of pay-per-click ads, email newsletters, social media ads, and content marketing.

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As the term itself suggests, internet marketing merely refers to any type of advertising or brand promotion that is conducted online. Clearly, this is a very broad term that can be broken down into more specific categories. There are numerous different tools, strategies, and platforms that can be used as part of internet marketing.

Often, this takes the form of pay-per-click advertisements on webpages and social media sites. These are the ads you see on the side or top of a webpage or as a pop-up ad.

Email marketing is also a common form of internet marketing. When someone ends up on an email subscriber list, a brand can send advertisements directly to their inbox, often in the form of a newsletter.

One of the most common forms of internet marketing comes in the form of content marketing. This refers to webpages that use strategic marketing techniques to promote a brand in more subtle ways than the methods described above. Content marketing centers on the creation of valuable and informative content, often with a clearly defined customer/audience in mind. This content is designed to direct the reader towards a brand which they will hopefully patronize.

Perhaps, the most effective online marketing takes advantage of something known as "search engine optimization" (SEO). This relies on creating content that is designed to rank well in search results. By utilizing the right keywords in well-written content aimed at a specific audience, content marketing material can come up at the top of a search and guide the potential customer directly to the webpage. However, this can be a tricky strategy. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, rarely share how their algorithms work and often change them without notice making it more difficult to consistently create high-ranking pages meant for advertising. To get around this, some brands will pay to have their pages appear at the top of search results as an ad.

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