What is Haymitch's training strategy for Katniss and Peeta?

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Haymitch’s strategy for training Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games is to keep their strengths hidden for the most part and to make allies. He doesn’t want them drawing too much attention to themselves. Because they get evaluated and rated, he wants to have them rank somewhere in the middle level—there, it is relatively easy to get sponsors, but you won’t be perceived as a particularly threatening individual.

Additionally, he wants them to spend time identifying potential allies with whom they can work together in the arena. This will help them combat the large bands of career fighters from the inner districts. The two do what they can to ensure they don’t draw too much attention to themselves and just observe the others, trying to learn some additional skills. Unfortunately, Katniss ruins her cover when she shoots an arrow precisely at a pig in front of the judges in anger.

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