What is Gregor's adaption to his new body? In what ways do the satisfactions of his life as an insect differ from the satisfactions of his life as a traveling salesman?  

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Gregor understandably doesn’t react well to his transformation at first. His new body is entirely different and therefore takes some getting used to. It is interesting that Gregor does not directly question his transformation, but immediately focuses on how he is going to deal with it, which comes across as surprising to the reader.

Firstly, Gregor struggles physically and practically with his transformation, failing to perform even the simplest of tasks, such as moving, walking, and eating. For example, he must open the door with his mouth and is unable to get out of bed or walk at first due to the fact his “many legs ... flickered helplessly before his eyes.” Another key difference Gregor must adapt to is the fact he cannot talk. His voice is completely transformed:

Gregor was startled when he heard his own voice in reply; no doubt, it was unmistakably his previous voice, but merging into it as though from low down came an uncontrollable, painful squealing which allowed his words...

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