What is Gatsby's transformation in The Great Gatsby?

James Gatz transforms from an impoverished young man into a wealthy member of the social elite by completely altering his identity and amassing a fortune in the bootlegging industry. Jay Gatsby also transforms into a love-stricken, ambitious man with the goal of marrying Daisy after initially meeting her.

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James Gatz experiences a remarkable transformation by climbing the social ladder, attaining the American Dream, and becoming an affluent member of the social elite. James Gatz hailed ] from a lowly family in North Dakota, and eventually met a wealthy copper tycoon named Dan Cody. He begins his transformation by changing his name to Jay Gatsby and experiences the wonders of the world as he sails with Dan Cody for five consecutive years. Shortly after meeting Daisy,

Gatsby is sent overseas to fight in WWI and briefly attends Oxford University before returning to the United States. After the war, he then meets Meyer Wolfsheim and amasses his wealth in the bootlegging industry. Once Gatsby makes his fortune, he purchases a mansion in the West Egg directly across the bay from the Buchanan estate in hopes of one day reuniting with Daisy. Gatsby not only transforms his identity and social status but also changes his behavior by assuming the air of a wealthy, educated aristocrat.

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