What is the exposition of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer?

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Exposition of a story is the part in which characters (and their backgrounds) are introduced, and the stage upon which the action will play out is set.

In the case of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, this involves detailing Bella Swan's move from Phoenix to Forks and the reasons behind it. In order for Bella to meet Edward, she must start attending classes at the local high school, which is another important part of the exposition.

The exposition of this story also involves the introduction of the Cullen siblings, who are widely perceived to be strange, introverted, and unapproachable.

I would argue that the final stage of the exposition of this story would be Bella and Edward meeting, his initial extreme discomfort in her presence and her ultimate realization that he is a vampire. The stage is now set for the love story and adventures that will fill the rest of this book.

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The plot of any story begins with the exposition where we learn about both the setting and the characters.  In the case of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, we learn all about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen as they begin their relationship as high school students in Forks, Washington.  First, Edward has an intense reaction upon seeing Bella and subsequently transfers out of any class where Bella can be found.  Bella begins to ask about the Cullen family.  When Edward returns to school after an absence, the two become friends in Biology.  Edward eventually rescues Bella from a van swerving out of control.  Bella cannot quite put her finger on what is different about Edward until she visits the beach with her friends.  What Bella learns at the beach can be called the “inciting incident” of the plot of Twilight.  This is the point of Twilight where the exposition ends and the rising action begins because we learn about Edward Cullen’s true nature:  he is a vampire.

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