What is ethics and its role in the field of information communication technology?

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First things first: let us define what "ethics" means. According to the Oxford Dictionary, "ethics" are "moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity."

In other words, ethics are the guidelines that you follow in order to live a socially and morally acceptable way of life. The need for a code of ethics applicable to the field of Information Communication Technology is extremely important, and it has an extremely important role to play.

The primary reason that ethics plays a role in this field is so that everyone's personal information and banking details are kept safe. Reputable websites must have strict security measures in place to ensure this. Without having ethical principles in place in this field, it would be a free-for-all for hackers.

The term "information communication technology" is extremely broad, and also covers new phenomena such as social media. Codes of ethics should be applied to the type of information that is shared on social media. Without codes of ethics in place, misinformation and harmful comments could be freely shared.

Another area in which codes of ethics are imperative within the information communications sphere is critical is that of intellectual property. Anything that you research, write from scratch, and post online is your intellectual property. Without codes of ethics in place, anybody could freely steal your work and call it their own.

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