What is Elie's family like in Night? To whom in his family does he seem most attached? With whom would he like to be closer?   

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This question has a dramatically different answer depending on whether you are referring to the beginning of the book or the end.

If you are referring to the beginning, Elie is not as close to his father as he would like to be. His father was one of the leaders within the local Jewish community, and Elie often privately felt that his father was too busy taking care of the community to spend enough time with his family. At this stage of the book, the members of his family to whom Elie are closest are his mother and siblings, particularly his sister Tzipora. He would have loved, at this stage of his life, to be closer to his father.

Later in the novel, however, thanks to the horror the family experiences at the hands of Nazi soldiers and in Nazi concentration camps, Elie becomes far closer to his father as they face the life-threatening challenge of enduring slave labor at the hands of the Nazis.

Unfortunately, Elie was the only member of his family to survive the war. His mother and sister...

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