What is Dr. King suggesting people do?

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Dr. King wants to compel white people to recognize how racism still impacts the lives of black people in every way—economically, socially, and politically—as well as expose how unjust this racism is. Often, white people think that because slavery has been abolished, nothing more needs to be done in order to render blacks and whites truly equal. However, black people still must suffer the financial and social and political inequalities that have persisted since the times of slavery.

It will take recognizing that this inequality still exists in order to take steps to repair society. Dr. King wants the steps to be taken societally to render blacks and whites truly equal. He wants people to stop seeing the color of a person's skin rather than who one is as an individual. He talks about desegregation, seeing little black boys and girls holding hands with white boys and girls. He wants blacks and whites to work together toward real equality where everyone shares the same advantages and freedoms and no one is prevented from opportunity as a result their skin color. He wants people to see one another as equals rather than as fundamentally different groups that deserve fundamentally different freedoms.

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