What is desire for Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire? My question is related to the movie A Streetcar Named Desire.

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Stanley’s desire is to keep the status quo in his home, which allows him the freedom to express his masculinity. He enjoys his life in his New Orleans tenement, where he lives with his pregnant wife, Stella. When his regular poker games become loud and uncourteous, Stanley knows that Stella will tolerate them in an attempt to keep her husband happy.

This balance is immediately damaged by the arrival of Stella’s older sister, Blanche DuBois, from the more rural town of Laurel, Mississippi. Stella and Blanche come from wealthy, high-class Southern society, and while Stella is ostensibly happy in the tenement, Blanche is not, and her presence immediately disrupts Stanley’s desire.

During the first poker party after her arrival, Blanche’s questions and interruptions make Stanley angry, and he drunkenly strikes Stella. After briefly retreating to the upstairs neighbor, Stella returns to Stanley, and the couple go to bed together. Blanche is horrified by the violence and cannot...

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