Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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What is chapter 9 about in Frindle?

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Chapter 9 is a good indicator to readers exactly how much the conflict between Mrs. Granger and Nick has been escalated. The principal, Mrs. Chatham, has set up a meeting, at Nick's house, with Nick's parents, to try and put a stop to the entire "frindle" feud. Mrs. Chatham's main argument is that Nick and his classmates are disrespecting Mrs. Granger and intentionally breaking her rules. Mrs. Chatham is hoping to get Nick's mom and dad to help control Nick.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Chatham, Mrs. Allen isn't supportive at all. She is quite annoyed that they are being visited over an issue that appears to be nothing more than kids making up a word for no other reason than fun. Nick is thrilled that his mother is taking his side because Mrs. Allen is a powerful weapon to have in his battle against Mrs. Granger. Mrs. Allen reiterates that Mrs. Granger is overreacting to a harmless language experiment.

Mrs. Chatham eventually leaves, but Nick's parents are not done with the conversation. Nick's mother wants to make sure that Nick truly is using frindle for fun and not to disrespect his teachers. Nick's dad is a little more forceful as he tells Nick that the entire thing needs to stop. The chapter ends with Nick admitting that the word has become more than only Nick's word now. The other kids like using it, and Nick can't stop that from continuing.

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