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Ana is your typical neighborhood busybody who peeks out from behind her window curtains to spy on her neighbors. She even says she doesn’t need a television when she can use binoculars to spy in everyone’s windows. Ana is very old and has lived in the neighborhood most of her life.  She’s lived in other parts of Cleveland but returned to her childhood home to take care of her ailing parents.  So, Ana has been around a long time and has seen a lot of people come and go. The neighborhood has changed quite a bit over Ana’s life, and she is suspicious of all the different immigrants who have settled in and around the garden on Gibb St.  As a matter of fact, Ana sees Kim sneak behind the broken, rusty refrigerator in the vacant lot and immediately thinks Kim is up to no good.  Because Ana is so curious, she goes to the spot where Kim buries something and uncovers the lima beans Kim planted. 

Ana’s purpose in the story is to just show the diversity of the people in the neighborhood and how some have been there a long time while others are newcomers to the area.  She also represents distrust of those she sees as different than her. Throughout the growth of the garden, one things for sure, Ana will continue to be entertained by everything that happens in the small microcosm of the world outside her window.

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