Arcadia Questions and Answers
by Tom Stoppard

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What is an intriguing mystery in Arcadia, and how is it resolved (if at all)?

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This play by Tom Stoppard toggles between past and present, as two different sets of characters interact in two different plots, but all the action takes place in the same English country house: the Croome family home. Despite the setting, however, the play is not a conventional murder mystery. As the play progresses, the audience learns of significant intersections between these groups people and their time periods.

One of the mysteries is just how they are connected. The author gradually releases clues to indicate that this mystery concerns Lord Byron, the Romantic poet, who has supposedly been a guest at this home in the portion of the play that takes place in the early nineteenth century. In that period as well, Septimus Hodge, a writer and a tutor to the...

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