What is an explanation of the following lines from the third part of "Preludes" by T. S. Eliot?: "You curled the papers from your hair / Or clasped the yellow soles of your feet / In the palms of both soiled hands." 

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Well, the third part of Eliot's Preludes seems to be addressing an unnamed "you" figure who's part of the neighborhood Eliot is decribing throughout the poem. The lines you've identified help us narrow down some possibilities about who this person may be. We know it's a woman, because she's taking the "papers" out of her hair. In the time period when Eliot was writing, women would often curl their hair at night into little scraps of paper known as curling papers. In the morning, then, they would uncurl these papers from their hair. This woman is trying to make the best of her appearance, to a certain extent....

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