What is an example of parallelism from Mark Antony's speech in Julius Caesar?  

In Julius Caesar, an example of parallelism from Mark Antony’s speech is the repetition and juxtaposition of the ideas of honor and ambition. Shakespeare demonstrates the contrast in the perspectives of Brutus and Antony. He uses the differences between the concepts of an honorable man and an ambitious man as an effective method of persuasion. The author’s use of parallelism in the funeral speech highlights Antony’s argument, which changes the Roman mindset and brings about Brutus’s defeat.

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Parallelism or parallel structure is a figure of speech or literary device that gives a pattern or rhythm to various genres of literature. By the repetition of a word or phrase within a group of sentences with the same or similar grammatical structure, writers give their works clarity, balance, and organization. Parallelism is a technique that makes the meaning of information dispensed to an audience easier to understand. The use of repetition attached to this device allows authors to express their ideas evenly and makes those ideas memorable for readers and audiences.

Authors use the device for two major purposes. First, writers can create contrasting images or ideas to point out their stark differences. Secondly, parallelism joins similar images or ideas making them easier for readers and audiences to see the connection between them. Writers often use additional literary devices such as antithesis, anaphora, or epistrophe to create parallelism. William Shakespeare employs several of these...

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