What is an example of irony in the short story "Amigo Brothers"?

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“Amigo Brothers” is a short story by Piri Thomas. It was first published in 1978 and deals with the friendship between two boys, Antonio and Felix.

One could argue that indeed the whole story itself is very ironic. Antonio and Felix are best friends. They grow up in the same neighborhood, and they share a passion for boxing. This is why it is a very ironic twist of fate that these two friends end up having to fight each other. They used to train together to achieve their dreams of being successful boxers: “early morning sunrises would find them running along the East River.” Therefore, it is ironic when all their hard work backfires.

Antonio and Felix had put so much time into helping each other to become better, and yet they are suddenly forced to train separately in order to gain an advantage over one another. As friends, their goal had been to help and support each other at all times, but now their new goal is to win against the other and to take advantage of their weaknesses. This is very ironic and clearly in stark contrast to the past. As Felix puts it, they now have to act “like two heavy strangers that want the same thing and only one can have it.”

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