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What is an example of an abecedarian couplet poem that uses each letter of the alphabet for the beginning word of each line?

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An Abecedarian poem is a poem that uses each letter of the alphabet in order, from A to Z, as the beginning letter of each line.

When such a poem is a "couplet" poem, then each pair of lines also rhymes with one another: the first and second lines rhyme, the third and fourth lines, and so on. Because an Abecedarian couplet poem always has 26 lines, an Abecedarian couplet poem always has thirteen sets of rhyming couplets.

For example:

An Abecedarian couplet poem can
Be a bear to write. Oh, man!

Couplets aren't easy; in fact, I
Dare a writer to even try.

Easier poems are simple for you to
Find. Why wouldn't a sonnet do?

Grab any book of poems and
Hold it open to any page. Banned

Iambic lines and other tricks
Just fall right out - but I have to mix

Kicks and licks until my fans
Like what they see come from my hands?

My poetry's not bad to hear,
Near and far, folks lend an ear;

Oh, but what a mess abecedarians are!
Poetry won't buy you a car,

Quite the opposite: it doesn't sell,
Really, not even if you do it well.

So what's the point of this poetic test?
To prove to ourselves we can, I guess.

Under pressure from rules, here's some speech
Vying to seek approval from each

Woman and man who listens here.
Xylophones don't have this cheer!

Your Abecedarian poem can zig, and bend -
Zag before it hits the end.

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