Virgins Questions and Answers
by Danielle Evans

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What is an abstract of the story "Virgins"?

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"Virgins" is a short story by Danielle Evans. It deals with adolescent sexuality, the way teenagers are pressured into losing their virginity as soon as possible (whether they are ready to or not), and guilt.

The protagonist is Erica, a teenage girl who is self-conscious about being a virgin. The closest thing she has ever had to a genuine sexual experience is when an older teenage lifeguard forced his fingers inside of her, an event she claims did not frighten her but just left her "surprised." In contrast, her friend Jasmine has lost her virginity to a boyfriend who left her for another girl. In the hopes of proving themselves attractive and mature, Erica and Jasmine get fake IDs so they can go clubbing.

At the club, they flirt with older men and accept drinks from them. A group of men invites both to go back to their apartment with them, but Erica leaves. Jasmine continues to go with the men. It is never revealed what happens to Jasmine, though Erica gets bad vibes from the men and runs way to protect herself.

Erica calls Michael, a nice boy she knows from school. She appreciates that he never makes advances toward her. He takes her to his house where she plans on sleeping on the couch for the night. When Michael's older brother Ron appears, he seduces her into sleeping with him. Erica feels guilty because she comes to realize it was really Michael she wanted to be with all along. However, when he discovers she has slept with his brother, he rejects her.

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