What is Abdiel's defintion of servitude in book 4 of John Milton's poem Paradise Lost?

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The epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton tells of the rebellion of Satan and his forces, their battle with heaven's forces, their banishment to hell, and the temptation and expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. Abdiel is an angel in Satan's rebellious host who refuses to rebel, returns to God, and joins God's army in its confrontation with Satan and his army.

In book 4 of Paradise Lost, the battle between the two spiritual forces begins. Abdiel confronts Satan himself in combat, and he rebukes Satan for his apostasy and distortion of the truth. Abdiel says that Satan is wrong to consider service and obedience to God servitude. It is not servitude "when he who rules is worthiest, and excels them whom he governs." Instead, Abdiel says that the definition of servitude is to serve the unwise and rebellious:

This is servitude
To serve the unwise, or him who hath rebelled
Against his worthier, as thine now...

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