What is a work that demonstrates the belief, evident in Edgar Allan Poe's works, that it is best to live in hopes love can transcend death?

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Annabel Lee” demonstrates how a person who loves can continue to love after death.


Poe had a hard life.  His work has a darker tone that comes from his own experiences, especially suffering.  Several of Poe’s work involve someone who has lost a lover and feels the loss deeply.  In “Annabel Lee,” a man mourns the loss of his lover, just as Poe mourned the loss of his Virginia.


The poem demonstrates the hope that love can transcend death by exploring the connection of the young lovers.  He stresses that the death happened “long ago” when they were young.

 But our love it was stronger by far than the love 

    Of those who were older than we—

Clearly, the speaker has not moved on.  He still loves Annabel Lee as if she were still alive.  He cherishes her and idolizes her, in a way that one can only do with the non-living.  In a way, Annabel is more perfect in his mind than she could ever be in life. She will stay young and beautiful forever, in his memory.


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