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The Road is a an incredibly difficult novel to read. Structurally, it doesn't lend itself to an easy, flowing read, but the subject matter of the novel is also incredibly difficult to emotionally deal with. The man and his son live a world where cannibalism and barbecuing babies is a reality. The man does not trust any other person that he comes across, and those reservations are supported by the fact that the people he does come in contact with are usually incredibly dangerous people.

The world itself is filled with grays, and the reader is never under the impression that the weather is anything but depressing. The world is in a hopeless state; however, hope can be found within the text. The man is hopeful that once they reach their destination, things will be better. Additionally, readers can find hope in the boy. He does not have his father's jaded attitude. The boy first seeks to help his fellow humans, and that shows the world is not completely fallen. Your thesis can show both aspects of hope if you write a double-sided thesis statement like the following. "Although The Road shows readers a world almost completely absent of hope and joy, a reader can find moments of hope through the man's perseverance and the boy's innate goodness."

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