House Taken Over Summary

What is a summary of the short story "House Taken Over," and what is its theme? Also, who are the characters in the short story?

In "House Taken Over," a brother and sister who live together in a large old house are first disturbed, then displaced by mysterious intruders.

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Julio Cortázar’s "House Taken Over" is a Latin American short story that was first published in the 1940s. In Spanish, the short story is known as "Casa Tomada."

The story is about a brother and sister. The brother doesn't have a name, and the sister goes by Irene. The brother and sister live in their family’s big house and have meticulously planned days. They rise at seven in the morning to clean. At “precisely” noon, they eat lunch. Irene then spends the rest of her day knitting, while the brother appears to spend most of his own time with books.

Soon, their tranquil, quiet lives are interrupted by a noise. The noises start to take over different parts of the house. Finally, the brother and the sister ditch the house altogether.

One theme that might go with Cortázar’s short story is loyalty. The brother and sister stay together. The noise doesn’t fracture their relationship.

Another theme is colonization. It’s as if Irene and her brother are the colonized nation and the...

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