What is a summary of The Giver from chapters 1–7?

The first seven chapters of The Giver provide insight into Jonas's planned community. We learn that life is so regulated that anything out of the ordinary is frightening (the pilot episode). We learn about “release” and that each person must obey the rules strictly to achieve the "sameness" the community strives for. We learn about the Ceremony of Twelve that will establish Jonas's future, as determined by a committee.

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The first seven chapters of the book set the foundation for the story and gives the reader insight into Jonas's life in his planned community. In the first seven chapters, we learn a lot about Jonas and get a sense for the role that the planned society has in controlling everything about a person's life. We are introduced to most of the important characters in the story, including Jonas and his family, as well as the baby Gabriel.

Although it is never stated explicitly, we learn how different the community is from our own. For instance, in the first chapter, a mistake made by a pilot in training causes panic in the streets and makes people run into their homes for shelter. Jonas notes that he

had seen no people...who usually populated the community at that time of day. He saw only the abandoned bikes here and there on their sides...He had been frightened then...He had trembled."

This response seems like an over-reaction to a plane flying overhead when it is not supposed to. We begin to get...

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