What is a summary of the film Spring Breakers (2013)?

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The film focuses on three college students, named Brit, Candy, and Cotty. They desperately want to go partying in Florida for spring break but can't afford it, so they decide to rob a local restaurant.

They get the money they need from the robbery and head to Florida, where they go to wild parties, drink, and take lots of drugs. After one of the parties, they are arrested for using drugs but then are bailed out by a strange but charming man named Alien. Alien is a rapper but also sells drugs and weapons. He claims to be living the American Dream.

Alien and the girls carry out several armed robberies together, but soon their fortune starts to take a downward turn. Cotty is injured in a drive-by shooting and afterward decides to go back home. Brit and Candy stay with Alien, and the three become closer, engaging in sex together and swearing to take revenge on Big Arch, the gang member responsible for the drive-by shooting.

At the end of the film there is a battle between Big Arch and his gang on one hand and Alien, Brit, and Candy on the other. Alien is killed, but Brit and Candy fight on and eventually kill Big Arch. Candy and Brit are then shown driving home in Big Arch's car. While they are driving there is a flashback scene in which they kiss the dead Alien goodbye.

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