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What is a summary of "The Crane Maiden"?

In "The Crane Maiden," an old man frees a crane from a snare and joyfully watches it fly away. The next day, a young girl arrives at his home, and he and his wife take her in. She weaves beautiful cloth on their loom, but they are never allowed to watch her. They sell the cloth to earn money two times, but then they spy on her the third time. She turns into a crane and flies away.

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In "The Crane Maiden," a poor but hardworking older couple lives near a marsh. One day, the man hears something struggling in the long grasses, and he finds a crane caught in a snare. The animal is desperate, and the old man carefully frees it and watches it fly away. When he gets home, he tells his wife the story of finding and releasing the crane, describing the crane's desperation and his own joy at watching it fly freely. They eat dinner and go to bed.

A young girl knocks at their door the next morning, and she says that she is lost and would like to live with the old couple. They agree and treat her as a daughter. She sees that they have a loom, and she asks to use it, though she stipulates that no one is allowed to see her while she's weaving cloth. They agree and allow her to weave in isolation. She makes the most beautiful cloth, and she asks them to sell it at market to make money to make their lives easier.

They live off the money for some time, and when the money runs out, the...

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