What is a summary of the book Last of the Breed?

Louis L'Amour's Last of the Breed tells the story of Joe Mack, a Native American pilot in the United States Air Force. When Mack escapes capture by the Soviets, he must rely on the survival skills learned from his culture to make his way through the Siberian wilderness alone, on foot, while evading relentless pursuit by the Yakut.

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Last of the Breed is a historical fiction novel written by Louis L'Amour and set in the 1980s.

The plot centers around Major Joseph Makatozi, known throughout the novel as Joe Mack. He is a Native American pilot in the United States Air Force. His plane is shot down by the Soviets and he is held captive at a Soviet prison camp.

Mack courageously escapes captivity, but his journey has only just begun. He now must use the skills prized by his culture to make the dangerous trek across the Siberian wilderness. He relies upon the Native American lessons handed down from generation to generation and uses his innate hunting, tracking, and survival skills to make his way through the wilderness alone, on foot.

The Yakut, including Alekhin who is known for his superior tracking skills, relentlessly pursue Mack and eventually succeed in finding him. They beat him severely and recapture him. Even in captivity, Mack remains brave and hopeful. With the help of an unlikely ally, he manages to escape once again. After his escape, he kills and scalps Alekhin.

Mack must then travel a long journey to Alaska in a kayak. The end of the novel is ambiguous, and Mack's fate is left to be interpreted by the readers.

The novel demonstrates several types of internal and external conflicts, including Character vs. Self, Character vs. Nature, and Character vs. Character.

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