What is a summary of Splinterlands by John Feffer?

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John Feffer's artful novel creates a dismal picture of life and the world in 2050. The European Union is full of refugees and has collapsed. Washington DC had been destroyed by a natural disaster in 2022. Wars are being fought over water, inequality and disease are rife, global warming is hotter than ever, and seaweed is considered food.

Our protagonist, the elderly Julian West, sets out on a virtual reality trip to visit his children. Aurora is a professor in an incredibly dangerous Brussels of the future. His son Gordon has significant wealth and lives in Xinjiang, which is no longer part of China. His other son, Benjamin, is living in a Botswana that is far wealthier than that of 2020.

This book is not a cheerful read, and paints a dire picture of what the future could look like through Julian West's eyes.

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