What is a summary of "My Cat, Jeoffry"?

In "My Cat, Jeoffry," Christopher Smart presents a tribute to his household cat. In this poem, he explains how the feline can be a servant of God, and he describes the cat's normal routines, activities, and personality.

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"My Cat, Jeoffry" is Christopher Smart's tribute to his feline companion. It is part of his larger work Jubilate Agno, and it offers a fine yet sometimes surprising description of Jeoffry and his activities.

Smart begins by noting that Jeoffry is a servant of God. This might sound a little strange to us, but he means that Jeoffry serves God by simply being a cat, just as God created him to be. He "worships in his way" by doing what cats are made to do. Jeoffry moves "with elegant quickness," leaping and playing.

Jeoffry has his daily feline routine, checking his paws for cleanliness, stretching, grooming, sharpening his claws, rubbing, and seeking his food. He is a good cat who meets other cats in peace and even gives his prey a sporting chance. Jeoffry also proves to be a helpful companion, watching at night and helping his human fight off the devil. Jeoffry is indeed a "Cherub Cat" "of the tribe of Tiger."

Jeoffry is a calm cat who does not destroy things and does not "spit without provocation." He offers gratitude through his purr, and he teaches the children of the house how to be gentle and kind. This is a quick, clean, agile cat who can also rest peacefully.

At one point, the speaker mentions that Jeoffry had been bitten by a rat but has recovered. He then goes on to comment on the cat's ability to learn and on his patience and playfulness. He even notes the cat's keen sense of hearing and remarks how Jeoffry's fur becomes electric sometimes when he is pet. He ends with an observation of the cat's astonishing range of motion.

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