What is a summary of Julius Caesar of act 5?

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Act V begins with a parley before the actual fighting. A parley is a conference between enemies. The parley turns into a mud-slinging match, with each side making accusations against the other. Before battle, there is a touching farewell between Cassius and Brutus. They both agree to commit suicide rather than be taken prisoner. Cassius realizes it is his birthday. Ironically, it is also the day of his death.

Much of Act V is a collection of short battle scenes. At one point in the battle, Cassius sees soldiers surrounding his tents and sends Titinius to investigate. In the distance he and his men see Titinius surrounded by an army and assume he is taken prisoner. Cassius gives up hope and has Pindarus run his sword through him. Ironically, this is the same sword that killed Caesar.

It is soon discovered that a mistake was made. The soldiers surrounding Titinius were actually Brutus's men. Titinius is saddened by the mistake and kills himself with Cassius's sword. When Brutus discovers the deaths, he believes that Caesar's spirit is stalking the assassins.

Eventually Brutus is certain of defeat. He convinces Strato to hold his sword while Brutus runs into it. When Brutus's body is discovered, Antony gives a brief eulogy. Antony says that Brutus was the noblest Roman of them all. He was the only conspirator who didn't kill Caesar out of envy. Octavius promises a soldier's funeral with honors for Brutus.

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